Sailing in to the writing of a new book

Well, I’ve written a memoir about my childhood. Now I set sail on writing my thoughts down concerning various people studied in Sunday Schools. This will not be the sugar coated version taught to children. There is an old joke that says: “Denial is not a river in Egypt.” That is certainly true. Yet, Egypt will be used as a country and a metaphor in my new book.

This book will not be about me Per Se, but rather my feelings about some of the messy life experiences documented in the Bible. I hope to write a work that is chock-full of empathy and context. Theodore Roosevelt once said: “A thorough knowledge of the Bible is worth more than a college education”. My first thought when I read this quote was, “Some of the crazy things I’ve heard in recent months and years coming from our colleges makes me think Mr. Roosevelt’s quote is even more true now”. More importantly, I feel that when we sugar coat the Biblical characters, we prevent our audience from gaining that thorough knowledge Mr. Roosevelt was referencing.

I feel a great need to empathize with these Bible characters with messy lives. Because of this, I will try to focus on that goal. I will try to steer clear of politics or opinions of our education systems and stick to the messes as recorded. Hopefully, the book will be ready for submission to the publisher before the end of the year. Please pray that God gives me smooth sailing and helps me write a great book for His glory.