Message In A Bottle

Writing a blog is like putting a message in a bottle. One doesn’t know if anybody will find it or read it. Writing is only half the battle, finding an audience is often times much more difficult. I thought writing a book would be enough, but the “smart people” told me it is important to blog and develop an audience. They also told me to start working on another book. Gee, it took sixty years to write the first one! I hope my Social Media friends will indulge me as I continue to post these blogs while I develop my sea legs.

Do your sins stink?

Another random message for the bottle. A Sunday School class I attended was on Moses, Pharaoh and the Plagues. The teacher talked about the plague of frogs and how they must have stunk when Moses had them all die. He mentioned that the Egyptians had multiple gods and one was a frog like goddess of fertility. I thought of a dog I used to own that loved to kill chickens until I tied a dead chicken around her neck. The rotten chicken smell broke her. She never killed another chicken. I suppose God may have been doing the same thing to the Egyptians. Frog worship was not very popular after the stench of dead frogs filled their land. I wonder how many of our sins today are tied around our neck? When we get tired of the rotten smell, God will untie us from our stinky mess.

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If you find this bottle, please share it and please buy my book. It is better than my blog posts. Encourage others to find Quintessential Redneck on Amazon, WestBow Press and Barnes & Noble.